Tutorial 6

Tutorial 6

New Path 1.1 improvements


Optimized for Ableton Live 10. 

The zooo recommends  Ableton Live 10. The benefits with New Path are:

  • More than 2x faster loading times.
  • An overall faster and more responsive user interface.


Multiply/divide/add functions

When shapes are in Cell Mode, you will see some new buttons and menu’s on the right of the cell button. Click on the “x” to turn it on and pick value: 2. All note values read out of the cells are now multiplied by 2 and thus effectively make the rhythm twice as slow. Click one more time on “x” and it will change in “/”. Now the rhythm will be divided by 2 and thus play the rhythm twice as fast. Click on “+” and choose in the menu next to it: 16th. Every note value read out of the cells will now have a 16th added to it.

Changing these values while Live is playing could make rhythms sound as if they are not in sync anymore. Therefore any changes with this feature are only updated on the first beat of the next bar. Whenever you decide to automate functions of this feature, you probably don’t want this behavior to occur. That is why there is a switch in settings to turn it off:



On the bottom left of the device, you’ll find the new swing feature. Set here the percentage of how much swing you would like to have. In the menu below you can pick from which note values the swing will have an effect on.

Swing works both for Cell Mode and for Auto Mode. It is off by default for Control Notes and for Automation Triggering. If you would like to use swing for Control Notes as well, go to settings and turn it on:


Duration in note values

On the device, click on “ms” (milliseconds) so it will become “N” (note values).


You can now pick the duration in note values from the menu on the left. Notice the menu above it is set to “both” by default, meaning the note value will be added to all the duration note values in the 3th matrix (which are empty by default).

In the matrix click on the third radio button and click on “view ms”. 

You will now be able to change the duration in note values. (be aware, the view button only changes the view, you’ll have to change the ms/N button on the device it self to change the behaviour).

Pick note values in the cells:

And change the mode on the device to “cell”:

Now only the note value durations of the cells are used.


If you would like to clone the note value used in matrix 2:

You can set the value as “same”:

Now all notes will be the exact same length as the rhythm will be in Cell Mode. In other words: no overlapping notes or silences after each note.

The modification panel is also optimized for this new feature:



There is a new Retrigger switch. When it is on, the shape will retrigger new notes and cut off notes the shape was already playing. This will make sure there will never be any overlapping notes.

Visual repeat

It is now visually clear when a shape is repeating a cell. It will jitter shortly every time it repeats. To make a shape repeat a particular cell, go to the 3th matrix and pick “repeat” or “spontanious repeat chance”: