Version History

Version History


New Path 1.1

release date: 3 May 2018


  • Optimized for Ableton Live 10. The zooo recommends  Ableton Live 10. The benefits with New Path are: More than 2x faster loading times + an overall faster and more responsive user interface.
  • Multiply/divide/add functions for Cell Mode. The note values read out of the cells in Cell Mode can now be altered by multiply/divide/add functions.
  • Swing. There is a new swing function which has an effect on both Auto Mode and Cell Mode. In the settings, you can also turn it on for Control Notes. Swing can be in 8th, 16th or 32th.
  • The duration of notes can now, not only be set in time, but also in note values. You can use them both globally and in every cell. When set in note values, it will sync with Live’s playback. New Chord adds the same feature.
  • There is a new Retrigger switch. When it is on, the shape will retrigger new notes and cut off notes the shape was already playing.
  • Repeats on a cell are now visual by a short jitter movement by the shapes.
  • All the arrows are completely renewed and they are now sharper and tidier. In settings you can choose between classic and modern skin.

Bug fixes and minor improvements

  • Triplets in Cell Mode are now timed correctly. The timing wasn’t perfect before.
  • 64nt and 128nt didn’t work and used to crash New Path.
  • Settings are improved and tidier.
  • New Step: ramp ms/sync wasn’t saved with the set.
  • The interface was not readable in Live’s alternative color themes.
  • New Note: time/note value is now automatable.
  • A bug which made visual settings of the shape not save correctly.
  • The big radio buttons have a larger click range.
  • 4th matrix had a bug which greyed out cc parameters where it shouldn’t.
  • 4th matrix: hint didn’t work on the parameter values.
  • Shapes were not able to make a step with automation on the first beat of a bar.
  • Squares were not visible anymore in settings.
  • There was a bug when you mapped a parameter of another device and then removed the mapping. The mapping would still save with the set and reappear after opening it. Same with New Step.
  • Some number boxes didn’t scroll their numbers fluently.

New Path 1.0

release date: 3 February 2017